Basic Training

You are not going to get a “Hollywood” basic training.
Although inevitably someone does get the name Pvt. Pyle, hopefully it will not be you.

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Basic Training drill sergeantDrill Sergeants are there to break you of your stupid civilian habits.
The psychology in basic training is to strip you down to a bare minimum and then rebuild you to function as a soldier.

When you know that’s what is going on then the whole process is easier.
A lot of yelling goes on in order to disorient you.
How you respond will determine how much unwanted attention you receive.
The biggest problem most recruits have is left and right.
Eventually you respond before they finish screaming the direction.
When that starts happening as a group, things begin to come together and life is easier.

What about not being liked or accepted?
The famous “Blanket Party”?
That will be stopped before it starts.
Any basic training story you here about such things going on in today’s military is almost certainly a very TALL tale.
Yes even from your best friend that just got back.
The repercussions for physical violence among the recruits are typically severe.

There is almost always a stupid scuffle among peers.
The usual “I’m the Alpha B.S.
However when people start really hurting others, the authorities are called,
charges are pressed and time will be served along with Less than Honorable Discharges.

pitToday’s military has a no B.S. policy.
If you can’t control yourself under a little Basic Training stress then you’ll never be mature enough to handle the real deal.
The people in charge know it and they WILL kick you to the curb.
This ain’t your Daddy’s military.

When the Basic Training phase is over, you will be more proud of yourself than ever before.
Your next step will be job training.
That’s where things lighten up, a little bit, and you begin to come back to who you are as an individual.
You’re still kept in check and treated like a trainee, but there is usually more focus on technical performance.
This all depends on the branch of service and the job field.

Once you’ve graduated from school, then it’s off to your permanent party assignment.
This is when things start to become like a regular job.
You get up in the morning, go to work, go home.
It’s not quite that cut and dry all of the time,
but again it depends on the job and branch of service.

In comparison to civilian jobs, you will get much more time off.
Lots of three and four day weekends, along with 30 days a year of paid vacation,
and the ability to request days off by submitting a pass request form.
These passes go in conjunction with a weekend.

Remember not to be afraid of what’s to be, in the military.
You will adapt and overcome.
Then success is yours for the taking.

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