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military recruiter

The military recruiter serves one purpose, sell the military to you.

People that get you into the military, keep you in for another enlistment, have different titles and roles.  Recruiter, Retention, Career Counselor, no matter, they all have the same job. Get you in or keep you in. They just do that job at different times of your career.

These folks are all cut from the same cloth. SALES.

The military recruiter has an important role in the military process. The military needs recruiters to act as a first line of defense against the unwanted and unworthy.

There are rules that a recruiter must follow. One of those rules is Do Not Lie.  Lying to a potential recruit could result in a  reprimanded (whatever that might be) possibly jeopardize their careers. TAKE NOTE that a lie is not equal to not telling the whole truth.

A military recruiter gives full disclosure when it benefits them and their job. When something comes up in a conversation with a recruiter, they need to own up to everything they might know.

Ask questions and it is very important to be specific. If the recruiter deflects the question, changes the subject or tells you that they will get back to you about it, make sure you pursue them about the answer.

A recruiter is your best buddy and once you sign that paperwork, to join the military, they will follow up with you until you sign the Contract.

YOU ARE NOT in the military until you sign a military contract DD form 4.



Only your contract guarantees what you will get when enlisting. No one will honor a verbal guarantee, made by someone else.  If what you want isn’t in the contract, you aren’t going to get it.

Maybe you want to be a Ranger, the recruiter probably told you that you can be a Ranger once you get in, becoming a Ranger is as easy as asking your commander, signing some paperwork and poof you are off to Ranger school. It isn’t that easy, many before you have been lead to believe that it is.

If you want to be a Ranger and it is not stated in the contract DD form 4, or one of its annexes, then you are on your own to find a way to become a Ranger. If you want ice cream before bed every night, get it in your contract, I doubt that you will be accommodated.


Your ASVAB score determines the job you will get. A good score gives you leverage when dealing with military recruiters.  Go find a study guide now.

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