Give back my Colors.

By | October 21, 2013
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When I came back from Southeast Asia you abandon me.
You put me in a corner of the basement, cold and alone,
under the dirty laundry.

When a great man, of strength and character pulled me out.
He fed me gave me a reason and purpose that fulfilled
your needs in Grenada and later in Panama.

When an innocent nation was taken by force I stood
proud and freed people that needed help. You cheered
me and made me feel loved and needed.

Then you were told that what I did wasn’t that good.
You were told that I didn’t do enough.
You believed that, and once again you abandoned me.

You let me weaken. Slowly weaken. You used me for political
distraction and I rose to the challenge, not for politics,
for pride. Pride in what I do for you.

I was being weakened again. It was the weakest I had been,
since my punishment in the basement.
Then it happened.
That day I told you was going to happen, did.
I was angry. Angrier than I had been in 60 years.

I came from all over the planet to let you know that I am here.
Here for retribution. Here to defend, by going on the offensive
for everything you are. You demanded of me everything, and
I wanted to give.

Even in my weakened state I didn’t care what the price
would be, because I love you.

Now, once again you listen to those that secretly hate me.
When you show your love for me, they hate you,
You simply refuse to see their hate, because they give
you things, free things, meaningless things.

I was trained to embrace E Pluribus Unum.
You have been conditioned by them to divide yourselves,
make yourselves separate from each other, look at each other with
So, you look at me with contempt.

I have grown. I now understand that you no longer have love for me.
I know this because the people you tell to oversee me, forsake me
on your behalf.

You no longer deserve the colors that I gave to you and kept for you.
Give them back to me now.
Maybe some day you will earn them back, but until then I will keep
them safe from the poisons that infect your mind.

When the day comes and you finally begin to hate the poison.
When you fight it and truly want it gone forever.
When you want it replaced with the original Liberty and Freedom
that was once a part of your beginnings.
I will rise from the basement, in which I have placed myself this time,
and crush the evil that has befallen you.

You the American voter.

Me the American soldier.

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