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By | October 18, 2013
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What a stupid way to run an organization.
You get a budget and have 12 months to use the budget.
If you don’t use all of the money in that 12 months
you get less money next year.

Hmmm, this is a no brainer. Use all of the money
so you aren’t penalized next time. Even if you
don’t need the money, buy a bunch of crap to show
that it is needed for your organization to survive.

Thankfully no one would ever take advantage
of such a system. That’s why it works.

NOT!!!! (Wayne’s World)

In the military if we didn’t use all of the unit budget
before 1 October we wouldn’t get as much the next year.
The solution was to burn through any ‘extra’ money
before the end of September.

Would you consider this wasteful?

The military isn’t the only group of government morons
that follow this broken system.

Lets begin to spitball a solution:

You get rewarded for saving money.

Here’s the scenario.

You get $1000 dollars to spend this year.
The number is based on an average of the past
‘x’ amount of years.

If you can operate within that budget then great.
If you need more, then we give it to you.
The accountants come in and assess why you needed
to go over budget. If this happens too many times,
or is excessive, then your services will no longer
be needed.

Seems simple and of course all of you opportunists
see the potential flaws in such simplicity.

Using our example, if you were to run operations
for $900 instead of $1000 then you get a $100 dollar
credit for the following fiscal year that can be used
for some some unforeseen need that comes up.

If that extra $100 isn’t used, then you get rewarded
with some kind of “You are Awesome” career booster
in your records.

REMEMBER this is not personal money
this is for an operating unit and you are in charge.
Career ‘atta boys are important to you.

When people become used to this type of reward system
it will be used for promotions and raises for a job well done.

Being able to operate at peak or increased efficiency,
while staying under budget is a skill that everyone,
hiring or promoting, would want.

We start by using this system in military units.
Small non-combat units of 3000 people or less all over the world.
It’s the perfect test ground and won’t disrupt the
the entire, worthless, government all at once.

When successful, bump the process up to the next highest level.
Eventually the military will be running at great efficiency,
for far less money than it does now.
The example can then be replicated to other agencies.

You’re Welcome America.

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