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Your Survival Kit

If you don’t have a GO Bag, you’re wrong. Most people aren’t ready for an emergency that could last days, let alone weeks. What if you need to get out, because some violent group decides to use some cops bad decision as a reason to take over your community. How about a virus that is… Read More »

Military physical fitness

Military physical fitness and health is extremely important for military service. These days it is highly likely you will deploy to a combat zone. Being in shape can save your life. I’m not just talking about the ability to perform acts of physical strength. Soldiers that get wounded have a higher chance of survival if… Read More »

10 Steps to Basic Training Success

You might call it Boot Camp, Basic Training or my personal favorite was Summer Camp. It doesn’t matter which branch of service you are in, the initial training process is difficult for everyone. The military is taking a civilian and stripping them down to a base so that the individual can be rebuilt into a… Read More »

What to expect.

People are always wondering what will happen when they get to Basic Training. After Basic they wonder what will happen at the next level of training. Then, of course, what will happen at their first assignment. When you look at the military from the outside you think about how difficult it must be. You might… Read More »

Give back my Colors.

When I came back from Southeast Asia you abandon me. You put me in a corner of the basement, cold and alone, under the dirty laundry. When a great man, of strength and character pulled me out. He fed me gave me a reason and purpose that fulfilled your needs in Grenada and later in… Read More »

This Budget Sucks!!!!

What a stupid way to run an organization. You get a budget and have 12 months to use the budget. If you don’t use all of the money in that 12 months you get less money next year. Hmmm, this is a no brainer. Use all of the money so you aren’t penalized next time.… Read More »

Enlisted vs. Officer

It used to be that the enlisted ranks weren’t very educated. Officers had all the smarts and had to keep things organized and on track. Well, a lot has changed. Ever since public education has pretty much been mandated the average intelligence of soldiers has increased. Also people are volunteers so management is easier than… Read More »

Get rid of the Academy’s.

O.K. not gone but redesigned. The dinosaur mentality that has lasted since the military’s birth must be extinguished. The process goes like this. You graduate high school and opt for active duty service. Instead of getting into a military academy you must enlist and complete a minimum of two years(24 months) before you can apply… Read More »