Get rid of the Academy’s.

By | October 14, 2013
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O.K. not gone but redesigned.

The dinosaur mentality that has lasted since the military’s birth must be extinguished.

The process goes like this.

You graduate high school and opt for active duty service.

Instead of getting into a military academy you must enlist
and complete a minimum of two years(24 months) before you can
apply to a military academy.

It doesn’t matter what branch you are in now or what branch when you apply.
Now what this does is give every service member real experience at the bottom.
My best commissioned leaders were prior enlisted.

The ring knockers were almost always assholes.

You will still have to be accepted to the academy of choice, but on top of high school academics, you will have real performance reports to submit along with any other education credits you may have squeezed in during your enlistment..

This will also create a much better environment in the academies because everyone will already know how to wipe their asses, military style, when they start their freshman year.

Yes they will still get a ball busting just like a SSG would going to Ranger school or whatever, fill in the blank, training there is now.

What about the college kids that go through ROTC?

Same rules apply, only they will be enlisted for 2 years with a college degree. Then they can apply for a commission.

Also people coming out of high school that never had the opportunity or knowledge of getting an academy slot will now be in contention with every other potential leader. This way the true leaders that never new they could lead, can kick ass.

What this type of system will do, is break down that stupid class system that everyone thinks is soooo important to maintain discipline and structure.

The reason there are problems with discipline in the military is piss poor management. The leadership courses in all branches teach the same high quality skills needed to get the job done. The problems occur because of laziness and complacence. Just like the civilians. Go figure.

But what about the really dumb guys. Simple answer is, they don’t get in. Improve yourself and re-apply for enlistment.

There are standards in place now that prevent the low intelligence options from gaining employment. This would change as quality increases, the standards would get higher. This is a good thing.

You’re a high school drop out? Great, get your diploma or GED and get a two year degree from whatever accredited institution will take you and that will prove to us that you are now worthy. And you got to improve yourself. You’re welcome dumb ass. Get on the bus.

I know that the “old guard” will fight this, but if these dick head officers can take away the Black Beret of the Rangers then it is time for them to go. (I do not like Rangers, never have. They didn’t deserve to have their colors taken.)

This idea is far better than the one currently in place.

Are their holes and pitfalls in this that I’m not seeing? Absolutely.

It doesn’t change the fact that a modern day E-8 is smarter and, supposed to be, better educated than an O-3 was 40 years ago. Yet we are still using an antiquated system and under utilizing our resources for pride and tradition.

Being placed in charge doesn’t mean you can lead. Lets fix this.

Changing the Enlisted and Officer duties and relationship will be the next installment.

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