Military physical fitness

By | December 5, 2013

Military physical fitness and health is extremely important for military service.

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These days it is highly likely you will deploy to a combat zone.

Being in shape can save your life.

I’m not just talking about the ability to perform acts of physical strength.
Soldiers that get wounded have a higher chance of survival if they are
in a high state of physical fitness.

All branches have a military physical fitness program.
Usually they suck.

Too many old school command elements believe that getting into good physical fitness should involve an hour long Physical Training (PT) session every morning.

We used to be able to get 3 times the workout in half the time just by doing some research on the subject and we  justified it with higher PT scores.

They also believe that their military physical fitness tests are a good gauge for
a units physical readiness.

There is some truth to it but the tests aren’t comprehensive enough.

The military is usually years behind what actually works. However there are unit commands that take it upon themselves to implement programs that work and don’t violate the rules.

Your best solution is to get and keep yourself in shape.
This way you can achieve maximum scores on any military physical fitness test.
Do not count on the military to make you high speed.
Most people in the military do the bare minimum to get by.
That includes your commanders.


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