Special Ops

USN - Est. 1775 - Navy 2.0

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“And to think, somewhere out there, some poor guy is buying a minivan”

Special operations are a facet of the military where true warriors are refined. Getting into this world isn’t easy. It takes an individual that can think on their own and work on a team. These units are comprised of people that can lead themselves with no supervision. Travel insane distances with huge amounts of weight strapped to them, on little or no sleep, and little or no food. In freezing rain all uphill on sand. Smiling.

The indoctrination programs that are in place for these specialized fields are physically and mentally demanding. All aspects of the individual are tested. The odds of a guy 5’6″ 120 lbs. making it through one of these selective processes are just as good as the guy that is 6’3″ 220 lbs. If you could see one big picture of all of the operators, from all branches, together, it wouldn’t look like a pro football group photo. Everyone selected has talent that is brought to the teams.

Mental toughness will make the human body perform amazing physical acts. “Never quit” is far more important than how much you can bench in the gym. Physical strength can be developed in a relatively short amount of time, you’ll see that at the end of basic training. A strong mind, that forces the body to overcome all pain, discomfort or exhaustion until the body shuts down and loses consciousness, can’t be taught in a gym or classroom. When you pass out from taking in too much water, and get resuscitated, are you going to get back in the pool and keep going? The elite warrior always does.

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