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By | October 29, 2013
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People are always wondering what will happen
when they get to Basic Training.

After Basic they wonder what will happen
at the next level of training.

Then, of course, what will happen at their
first assignment.

When you look at the military from the outside
you think about how difficult it must be.
You might imagine that it is an impossible
task and you could never do it.

This is not true, at all.

If you want an understanding of the military
then all you need to do is observe the world
you are in now.

Watch how people treat one another.
Take yourself out of the equation. Be an observer.

Notice how teachers or bosses treat students
or employees. How do these students and employees
treat each other?

What you see is what basic training will be,
and all of the other levels of your career.

The only difference is the set of rules that are
in place.

The rules are easy to follow because they are
explained to you in such a simplistic way.
There is nothing difficult about Boot Camp,
Basic Training.

What makes it scary to approach are all of
the hyped up stories you hear from people.
People try to make it sound like some sort of
nearly impossible task.

Why do they do this?
To make themselves look like something
big. “Look at what I did. I’m awesome.”
People do this all the time in order to
validate themselves to others.
It isn’t bad, it’s just what we do as humans.

Now, remember what I wrote earlier about
observing the people around you?
That is what you will experience in the military.
From day one and beyond.

If you go into it knowing that you are being
re-conditioned, brain washed etc… then
dealing with it is easy. Just follow.
Observe the similarities of your new environment
and compare them to your time as a civilian.
The same idiots have different names and faces.
This includes the people training you.
Of course you don’t want to let the people training
you to know that you think they’re idiots.

Some of the people will be great and inspirational.
Emulate them. They also know that they’re working
with idiots, but won’t let on to it.

The entire process of entering the military
is made to be simple. It might not be easy every
step of the way.

Once you see the morons that
get in, you will remember this article and

All of the old timers that tell you to just
keep your mouth shut and do what your
told, are correct. BUT don’t lose your
ability to think for yourself. DO NOT
lose your individuality by becoming a
mindless robot that will blindly follow orders.

At first during the initial training stages
you just need to pretend you are a mindless

Never forget your Oath. You are there to
Protect and Defend the Constitution of the
United States against enemies both foreign
AND Domestic. That is the first and most important
part of the Oath.

If the officers appointed above you are not
upholding that first part of the Oath then
they are in violation and are not truly
leaders of the United States military.

They must be dealt with. No matter the cost
to your career.

Stay true to yourself, maintain confidence
and confront fear. Strength will come from
within and becoming a great person can
happen by using the military to learn about
yourself and others.

A book that helped my military and civilian career
was How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
It’s an old book, but it taught me how to get people,
to want, to give me what I needed. Even high ranking
NCO’s and Officers.

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